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Indulge in Luxury and Style at Marbella’s Top Hotels

At 3SA Estates, we don’t just help you find your dream home—we also know how to live the dream in Marbella. While we adore the comfort of our own properties, there’s something uniquely indulgent about a stay in one of Marbella’s top hotels. Whether it’s for a weekend retreat, a lavish vacation during the high season, or celebrating a special occasion, Marbella hosts a spectacular array of accommodations. From quaint boutique hotels nestled in the old town to sprawling golf resorts brimming with amenities, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 hotels that embody the pinnacle of quality and luxury. Join us as we guide you through these exceptional choices, where every stay promises a blend of elegance and memorable experiences.

Our Curated List of Top 10 Hotels in Marbella
Each hotel on our list has been selected for its exceptional quality, service, and unique charm. Here’s a glimpse of what makes each of these hotels a must-visit:

Marbella Club Hotel – Golf Resort and Spa
Step back into the glamour of the 70s at the Marbella Club Hotel, situated on the pristine shores between Marbella and Puerto Banús. This legendary hotel offers a mix of luxurious rooms, suites, and private villas, each providing spectacular views of the Mediterranean. Renowned for its sophisticated atmosphere, the hotel features a Mediterranean restaurant, beach club, and an array of bars, along with a lavish spa and a fitness center.

Puente Romano Beach Resort
Experience the epitome of luxury at the Puente Romano Beach Resort, a sprawling estate designed to mimic a Mediterranean village. This five-star resort not only offers a variety of stylish rooms and suites but also houses several renowned restaurants and bars, including the likes of Nobu and El Chiringuito. Its beachfront location, lush gardens, and extensive leisure facilities make it a haven for those seeking a sumptuous stay.

Boho Club
The Boho Club offers a vibrant bohemian atmosphere combined with luxurious amenities. Located midway between Marbella and Puerto Banús, this hotel is surrounded by lush gardens and stunning views of La Concha mountain. Known for its chic decor and dynamic ambiance, the Boho Club features a notable restaurant and an art gallery, making it a favorite for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Hotel Claude Marbella
For a taste of Marbella’s rich history blended with modern luxury, Hotel Claude is unmatched. This boutique hotel, located in the heart of the old town, is a short stroll from both popular attractions and the beach. It offers personalized service, elegant rooms, and a rooftop terrace that provides a panoramic view of the city, making it perfect for those who value intimacy and exclusivity.

Maison Ardois Hotel
Nestled in the vibrant Old Town, Maison Ardois exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere with a touch of industrial chic. Part of La Ciudadela Marbella group, this exclusive boutique hotel is ideal for exploring the charms of the city center while enjoying upscale accommodations.

Nobu Hotel Marbella
Situated within the Puente Romano Beach Resort, the Nobu Hotel is a fusion of Japanese sophistication and Mediterranean flair. It offers luxurious rooms and suites with private terraces, a world-class spa, and direct access to Nobu Restaurant, famous for its innovative cuisine.

Anantara Villa Padierna Palace
Set against the backdrop of the Andalusian mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean, the Anantara Villa Padierna Palace offers a royal experience with its palatial architecture and lush gardens. This resort is perfect for those seeking a tranquil retreat with access to golf courses, a spa, and gourmet dining.

El Castillo Hotel
Located in the heart of the Old Town, El Castillo merges historic charm with modern luxury. This boutique hotel offers stunning views from its rooftop terrace and features the popular AFuego restaurant, known for its local grilled specialties.

Linda Boutique Hotel
Modern and stylish, Linda Boutique Hotel stands in the bustling heart of Marbella Old Town. It offers contemporary rooms, a vibrant café, and a rooftop lounge that’s perfect for evening cocktails.

Santo Cristo Hotel
Also part of La Ciudadela Marbella group, Santo Cristo Hotel blends traditional Spanish decor with modern amenities. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate the charm of Marbella’s historic district.


Marbella is not just a destination—it’s a lifestyle. Our selection of the top 10 hotels offers more than just a place to stay; they provide a gateway to experiencing the luxury and charm of Marbella in exceptional comfort. Each of these establishments has been chosen for their distinctive flair, superior service, and commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. Whether you prefer the historic ambiance of a boutique hotel or the lavish opulence of a beachfront resort, these hotels are sure to enhance your visit with unparalleled elegance and relaxation. So, when planning your next getaway or celebrating a special occasion, consider these top-tier accommodations to make your stay in Marbella truly memorable. With 3SA Estates, you’re always steps ahead in luxury living.

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