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“Our focus is to meet every customers expectations. Our aim, however, is to surpass them.”Jimmy Widén

3SA Estate is a real estate agency based in Marbella, Spain, but with one big difference. We do not only sell homes, we help our customers to stay a few steps ahead in the world of work, career, family, leisure, fun and social interaction – the things we call life. To seize every minute of each day, week and year rushing by, while we are too busy planning the future. Our focus is to help our customers, not only to dream their dreams, but also to see and catch the opportunities when they come. To incorporate visions and the future into a life here and now. To put it simple, we are always there for you when you need us, as a broker, every minute of the day and every day of the year. 3SA Estate is the only contact you will need as your personal real estate agency in Marbella.

“We find customized living solutions to suit your needs”

CUSTOMIZED LIVING SOLUTIONS We find customized living solutions to suit your needs, where everything from the interior and the environment to work, school and activities are synchronised in perfect harmony. Whether you are selling or looking for the home of your dreams, we have a well-established network of contacts in the Swedish and Nordic business communities, as well as in the Spanish and global social networks we deal with. We have a comprehensive customer base which includes all of our customers’ and suppliers’ properties, in both new constructions and existing real estate. In addition to our brokerage service, we can help you with negotiations, legal services, furnishings/interiors, cleaning services, craftsmen etc. Our aim is that you arrive in Marbella with all the pieces of the life puzzle already in place, so you can concentrate on living your dream.

We realise your dream accommodation in Marbella with the guiding words Engagement, Service, Trustworthiness, Answerability, Timing and Energy. Our name is what we are. 3SA – 3 Steps Ahead. And we will make sure that you are too.

Jimmy Widén
Founder / CEO

The Spanish market

Buying in Spain

THIS IS HOW WE WORK Buying a home in Marbella can be a jungle, but with the right help it doesn’t have to be. Unlike in Sweden, the Spanish housing market is completely open. This means all brokers can sell all properties, which can be tricky if you need to search and compare on the internet and then deal with different brokers over different properties. Apart from that it takes an endless amount of time, it’s really challenging to identify the right property. However, if you contact 3SA Estate as a broker, we will help you negotiate and compare properties based on your unique needs and preferences, completely free of charge. It is the seller of the property that pays both brokers (sell & buy broker). At 3SA Estate we take on a detailed brief of what you want to invest in. We will then find a home that suits you even better than the one you thought you wanted. We assist you throughout the entire process, including the legal sections together with our partners at Costa Del Sol’s best law firms.

"Buying a home in Marbella can be a jungle"

AN ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE Whether you are planning on moving to Marbella or on buying a holiday home, we at 3SA Estate make the crucial difference that will put your unique needs in the center of the proceedings. We have all the right contacts with legal agents, banks, craftsmen, cleaning companies and other local operators in Marbella who can help you once you’ve identified your perfect home through us. We want the purchase process to be secure and easy, allowing you to focus on realising your dream.


The way the real estate business in Spain works, differs from many other countries. Naturally, we also offer something extra compared to a traditional brokerage service. In addition to being on top of the complex administration associated with Spanish housing transactions, our focus is to match our properties with buyers who have exactly the same preferences, driving forces and means that distinguish a mediocre house purchase from a real success.

After years of experience working with marketing in TV and other media, we have really understood the importance of customer benefits, respect and discretion. No matter if we work with celebrities or people like most of us, who only want to protect their privacy. For us, the key is listening, both to the person selling and those looking to buy, to bring together interests, create networks and ultimately contribute to a lucrative deal. We have a well-established network of contacts in the Swedish and Nordic business sectors, but also in Spain and globally. The world is our market, and our customer base for investment in Marbella is both extensive and focused on a target group with great purchasing power. In addition to accessing our exclusive registry, we also offer you a personalised service, valuable contacts and reassuring security throughout the entire sales process.


We at 3SA Estate will not only help you find your dream home, but also to live your dream life to the fullest.

Living in Marbella makes everything a little bit easier. Here the lines get blurred between everyday life and the weekend, the world of work and leisure, and you can easily combine career and personal development with a healthy lifestyle and quality time with family and friends.

Climate and geography

Marbella measures 117 square kilometres of which 28 square kilometres consist of beaches and a coastal strip. 150,000 people live here from no less than 150 different countries. The main resorts are Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. Marbella is known both in Spain and across the rest of the world for its pleasant climate which – because it is protected by the Sierra de las Nieves range – is somewhat cooler in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter than the surrounding areas.

Exercise and health

Living a healthy lifestyle in Marbella is not difficult. There are several high-standard tennis facilities, some of Spain’s best golf courses and the opportunity of practising swimming, surfing, skateboarding, horseback riding, gymnastics and martial arts. Yoga is a big deal here, as is gym and fitness, and there are plenty of Swedish instructors and personal trainers. If you are looking for a little peace and quiet, Marbella boasts a wealth of superb SPA and wellness facilities.

Impressive range of quality dining and restaurants

Food, shopping and night-life

Marbella is one of the most popular resorts to live and holiday in, which is partly due to its impressive range of quality dining and restaurants. Here you will find everything from traditional Spanish tapas to world-class Michelin restaurants. There are plenty of organic grocery stores and vegetarian food outlets, and cosy bars blend in with nightclubs that are open all year round.

As for shopping, the options are also great here with three major shopping centres, a myriad of smaller shops, for example in the old town, and everything you might need for your home in terms of consumer electronics, building/leisure/tools. There are also plenty of charming second-hand shops.

Nature and experiences

There are lots of tourist attractions in and around Marbella. Malaga, the exquisite caves of Cuevas de Nerja, Granada with its Alhambra Palace, the winter sports resort of Sierra Nevada and Madrid, which is only three hours away by express train, to mention just a few examples. There are also plenty of hiking trails, river paths and breath-taking rambling experiences for those who want to get close to nature.

Children and family life

Marbella is a very child-friendly place featuring lots of playgrounds, a zoo, a theme park and other facilities designed to suit the whole family. There are many excellent alternatives when it comes to pre-schools and schools, under Spanish as well as Swedish management, such as the Swedish School with its excellent reputation, offering places from three years of age. There are also a great number of international schools to choose from.


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