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At 3SA Estate, we don’t just sell homes; we elevate lifestyles. Our dedicated team is the cornerstone of our success, ensuring that our clients are always a few steps ahead in every aspect of life – from work and career to family, leisure, and social interaction.

Marbella: Europe’s Ultimate Lifestyle Destination

Marbella is renowned for offering one of the best lifestyles in Europe. Its sunny climate, stunning setting, and relaxed way of life have attracted people for decades. But there’s more to Marbella than meets the eye. It’s a place where one can truly experience the ‘best lifestyle you can have today,’ and our team at 3SA Estate is here to help you discover it.

The Birth of 3SA Estate

The idea for 3SA Estate emerged when our founder, Jimmy Widén, made his first property purchase in Marbella for holiday purposes. He quickly realised the real estate market’s many flaws, including subpar brokerage services, insufficient market and investment knowledge, and an unclear process from start to finish. Recognising an opportunity to improve the real estate brokerage service, Jimmy decided to create a business that would raise the standard of service in Marbella.

Marbella is not just a sunny destination; it offers excellent opportunities for permanent living, with top-notch education, infrastructure, dining, and outdoor activities. Leaving behind a stressful life in Stockholm’s media industry, Jimmy set out to enhance his own and others’ quality of life through a premium buying broker service that Marbella lacked. His vision was to create a real estate agency that works in the buyer’s best interest, making the best possible deals for customers.

A Modern Real Estate Company

3SA Estate breaks the typical real estate mould. “We don’t just sell homes; we find homes for our clients, many of whom are successful people from Northern Europe,” says Jimmy Widén. “We focus on matching the buyer’s desires with the right property, not just the home itself, but an entire lifestyle concept.”

3 Steps Ahead

The name 3SA stands for 3 Steps Ahead, reflecting Jimmy’s commitment to keeping clients ahead of the curve. “We wanted to provide a different kind of service, dealing with clients in the higher segment. We match homes to preferred lifestyles,” Jimmy explains. This philosophy is embedded in the company culture, resulting in close relationships with clients and a portfolio of over 60 beautiful homes for rental management.

3SA Team Marbella

Real Estate Your Way of Living

At 3SA Estate, we primarily operate as buying brokers with our customers’ best interests at heart. Our focus area is Marbella, but we extend across the Costa del Sol. We cater to middle-income and up, ensuring high-quality service regardless of budget or nationality. Our team helps clients negotiate and compare properties based on their unique needs, offering comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, including legal matters, thanks to our partnerships with top law firms.

Opening the Door to the Ultimate Lifestyle

A typical 3SA client is a successful entrepreneur or professional from Northern Europe. The market has evolved, with younger couples and families now spending most of the year in Marbella. They appreciate the climate, the sociable and cosmopolitan nature of Marbella, and the relaxed way of life. However, there’s even more to discover. Marbella offers a high quality of life, safety, and convenience, but some active, business-oriented individuals crave the buzz of a big city. While cities like London, Paris, and New York offer excitement, Dubai is emerging as the top new city destination that combines business, service, dining, entertainment, and a dynamic environment.

A Triangle of Ultimate Lifestyle: Marbella, Dubai, and Beyond

Dubai offers unparalleled safety, convenience, and amenities, with unmatched service standards. It’s an attractive destination for affluent individuals, offering top-level living standards, reasonably priced properties, and tax-free status. Many have found the blend of their home country, Marbella, and Dubai to be the formula for the best lifestyle available today. 3SA Estate specialises in this two-market bridge, offering clients the opportunity to own properties in both Marbella and Dubai. We provide high-end rental and concierge services, helping clients leverage their homes through lucrative holiday rentals. With growing tourist visits and business volumes in Dubai and the evolution of the Costa del Sol/Málaga, now is the perfect time to acquire the best quality of life in the world.

Discover Your Dream Lifestyle with 3SA Estate

Let the 3SA Estate team help you find the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in finding the perfect home and enhancing your quality of life. Experience the 3SA Estate difference – where we elevate lifestyles, one home at a time.

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At 3SA Estate we work primarily as buying brokers – based on the customers’ best intentions. We stretch across the Costa del Sol but our focus area is Marbella. At 3SA Estate, we are inclusive, i.e. we sell high-quality homes regardless of budget, but our focus is middle-income and up. With our diverse and international team, we meet our customers in a high-quality approach regardless of nationality.

We help our customers negotiate and compare properties based on their unique needs and preferences, completely free of charge. We assist our clients throughout the entire process, including the legal sections, together with our partners at the best law frms. We have all the right contacts with legal agents, banks, craftsmen, cleaning companies, and other local operators to assure a safe and convenient process for our clients.

Our vision is to become the most attractive brokerage firm globally, based on the most important places in the world linked to each other, forming a solid business ecosystem between Estate, Selected, Rentals, Conferences, Concierge and Development.

What does our ecosystem mean for you? Imagine that you rent a house, fall in love with it, but cannot afford it and it is not for sale. We will assist you in purchasing an apartment. A few years later, you sell your company and buy a new house that requires renovation, which we help you with. So, we don’t just think of ourselves as a real estate company; we also see ourselves as a “concierge service” that makes our clients’ lives better.

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