Casares is a historical village with more heritage than much of the Costa del Sol making it stand out from the rest.  It has everything you could imagine from a maze of streets beautifully decorated with flowers, a central square where you can sit back, relax and take in the tranquil atmosphere, as well as enjoy a breath-taking stroll through the Sierra Crestellina nature reserve. This village also has curious artisan stores, one of the region’s most illustrious golf courses as well as homes that have panoramic views stretching up to the Gibraltar coastline.

Most definitely Casares lives up to is reputation of calmness amongst its neatly organised houses. Since it is located inland and in an elevated area amongst the countryside, all you can hear is the birds tweeting and songs of nature. When entering the town, you access it from above, which allows you to take in its layout out steep paths and highly paved streets. There is more, you can even head out on a jeep safari or go horse riding. Plus, top golf courses adorn the lush countryside between Casares Pueblo's hills and the beach's golden beaches, which lead many people to refer to Casares as "where the mountains meet the sea."

Another fantastic quality of this coastal region is its fantastic range of gastronomy and nightlife just a quick 35-minute drive away, reaching Marbella. Where you will be able enjoy an ample selection of bars, cubs and restaurants. Hence if you are a true foodie, enjoy discovering the international variety of restaurants, some of which have Michelin stars.


A location in La Costa del Sol can only mean good things, especially when its about the weather. When it comes to Casares, which is 417m above sea level the climate is warm and temperate. During the winter months, there is much more rainfall in Casares than in the summer period. However, keep in mind that the average annual temperature is 18ºc in this area, meaning the temperature is generally pleasant and allows you to enjoy many weather permitting activities. Having such mild temperatures throughout the year keeps the perfect balance to not have to encounter any extreme weather conditions. Enjoy your favourite sports all year round, whether that be golf, tennis or even hiking, you can finally enjoy leading the happy healthy lifestyle you desire!


Casares is the ideal place for you if you want to live an idyllic Spanish lifestyle close to the sea, yet in a peaceful and clean environment, enjoying its nature every morning you wake up. We bring to you a range of apartments amongst our listings of properties, where you will be sure to find elegant design and architecture all in one. Let us be a part of making your dream of waking up in your dream home, to stunning and breath-taking scenery a reality. We can offer you a number of apartments in our listings that include all of your necessities and requirements to have the perfect home for you and your family.