Top 30 things to do in Dubai

When you’re in Dubai, there’s no shortage of activities to do or fun things to partake in. Dubai is rightfully described as the world’s playground, and while you’re there, the fun never stops. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the top 30 things to do in Dubai that will not only elevate your whole experience of visiting the famed city but also give you memories to last a lifetime. Have a go at these 30 fun things to do in Dubai and make the most out of your visit to the world’s playground. 

The top 30 best things to do in Dubai

Let us run you down the list of what you can expect to look forward to when you land in Dubai. 

Stand atop the Burj Khalifa

There’s nothing that says ‘I’m the king of the world’ quite like standing atop the tallest building in the world. It is the experience of a lifetime, and while it may be underwhelming for some since many buildings can replicate the grandeur and the occasion, you’ll still be standing on the tallest building in the world, which counts as uber-cool in our books. 

Experience the Dubai Fountain Show

Being a desert, Dubai is really big on showing off its water, and the installation at the Dubai Fountains is an experience to behold. As soon as the night sets in, you will see the most glamorous displays of water, light, music, and choreography for 10 minutes every half an hour. And the best part? The entirety of the show changes every time, so you’re not stuck seeing the same thing over and over again. Talk about great memories!

Dubai Fountain Show

Get a bird’s eye view of the Palm Jumeirah

Dubai is a large spread, and you will tire yourself out if you try walking in. Traffic might be better, but for the holidays and the special experience, you will take a quick flight over Palm Jumeirah, the man-made islands that adorn the coastline of Dubai. Seeing the white sand juxtaposed against the blue waters will trick you into thinking about moving there permanently.

Palm Jumeirah

Visit the Atlantis

A one-in-all resort that boasts everything: yes, it is real and called the Atlantis. Located within the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis has everything you can dream about jet boat rides, water skiing, paddling, and a whole menagerie of things to do. The extreme part? Skydiving over the islands. Are you brave enough to do that?

Visit the Aquaventure Waterpark

The residents of Dubai have a water fixation, which explains why they have the world’s largest waterpark, with the tallest and most pulse-pounding slides in-house. And that’s not all; Dubai’s largest aquarium is also there, with more than 60, 000 marine animals. Going to Dubai but not visiting the Aquaventure would be a sin. 

Aquaventure Waterpark

Explore the Dubai Marina

Regarding beachside promenades, no other locale comes even close to the Dubai Marina. From bustling coffee shops to restaurants serving incredible food to views that are simply too gorgeous, the Dubai Marina walk is a must-do for all visiting the city.

Dubai Marina

Go for a desert dune safari ride

Whether a big Toyota 4×4 is to your taste or a quadbike, the desert safari is one of the many attractions geared toward the adrenaline chasers looking to get their next fix. Get comfortably seated in big SUVs as you barrel down the big dunes in the desert while taking in the intoxicating and beautiful sand around you.

desert dune safari ride

Visit the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

While this may not be in Dubai, technically, Abu Dhabi is only a short drive away from Dubai, and in return, you get an experience unlike anything else. Italy might have the Ferrari Museum, but Abu Dhabi has a theme park based around the luxury sports marque, and everything from its F1 cars to a whole menagerie of activities are available.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Go skydiving 

Skydiving is only for the most adrenaline-filled people out there, and while doing so anywhere will give you the experience of a lifetime, doing so in Dubai with all the sights around will further amplify the experience. Skydive Dubai allows you to do so with trained professionals. 


Check out the Dubai Frame

This golden literal frame connects the old Dubai to the new Dubai, and even if you don’t appreciate this link, you will certainly appreciate the sweeping panoramic views and the clear glass bridge walkways that are confusing at first. Incredible experience, nonetheless.

Visit the traditional Dubai

Dubai is known for extravagance and modernity, but the traditional Dubai is equally as charming. Check out the Deira district and its souks, and marketplaces dedicated to jewelry, perfumes, and spices. It is a truly extraordinary experience that will take you away into another world. 

Visit the Dubai Museum

Want to make this trip an educational one? Check out the Dubai Museum and learn all you can about the entire history of Dubai, from the historical tribes that lived here to its recent economic boom. The museum also displays plans for Dubai, which is cool.

Dubai Museum

Enjoy the Dubai Garden Glow

If you want to have fun but at a slower pace, Dubai Garden Glow is the best place. From sculptures with light shows and music to the Dinosaur Park with mechatronics and Magic Park with its 3d effects, the fun never stops at Dubai Garden Glow.

Amaze yourself at the Mall of Emirates

How does indoor skiing sound? Too good to be true? Well, it is true, only at the Mall of Emirates. Try indoor skiing; if not, try your hand at the shopping malls within the superstructure, or simply try out the restaurants. It’s an entire city of its own, this mall, and you won’t get bored easily.

Mall of Emirates

Experience the world in the Global Village

When we say experience the world, we mean it. From reconstructions of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Colosseum or the Taj Mahal or many other attractions worldwide, the experience of all these marvels in one place will amaze and excite you.

Global Village

Enjoy the La Mer

The La Mer is a nice promenade to experience, as well as the nicest walk you will ever have in your life. Try out the restaurants or the Laguna Waterpark for a lifetime experience. This is an excellent place if you are visiting Dubai with your family, with activities for both adults and kids.

Get some formal air at the Financial District

If you want an air of hustle and bustle in the city, not that every nook and cranny of Dubai already has that, the Financial District promises not just a vibrant aura, but also has a lot of restaurants, hotels, and art galleries for you to discover. The hotels are particularly flashy, so do check them out. 

Get your mind blown away at the Miracle Garden

While the Miracle Garden is only open from November to May, it remains a testament to the over-the-top sentiment that the whole of Dubai exudes. Try 150 million flowers; yes, you read that number right. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Miracle Garden has so many flowers that you might get a pink shock. Incredible place and a must-visit. 

Experience the IMG Worlds of Adventure

The second-largest indoor amusement park has something for everyone, and from a roller coaster to a haunted house to 4D movies that blend art and real life, the IMG is a place where its impossible to get bored. It’s something for the kids, too, as Marvel and its many attractions sit next to the Cartoon Network center, full of colorful goodness.

Visit the Bur Dubai

Again, one of the oldest and most romantically traditional places in Dubai, Bur Dubai starts with an Abra, which is a traditional wooden boat that will have you enjoy the views of Dhows, which are old ships that supply the markets with goods. Colorful boats on the blue water make for an amazing sight.

Experience the Jumeirah Mosque

The only mosque in the world open to non-Muslims for visiting, complete with grand architecture and setting, the mosque is a great place to experience the beauty of Islam and the region itself. There is a dress code that needs to be followed, so keep that in mind.

Get a dune buggy tour

If you want to experience the desert in all its might, the dune buggy tours that are a staple of the desert will really knock your boots off. Sandboarding, camel rides, and traditional delights like Arabian foods and dance routines will further complement your visit.

Marvel at the Desert Conservation Reserve

If you like animals, then this part of Dubai is for you. Check out the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to experience Arabian oxen and domesticated camels in their natural habitat and birds of prey. These trips will make you appreciate the natural beauty Dubai has to offer aside from the concrete jungle.

 Visit the Al Jabal Village

Experience the local cuisine, traditions, and cultural experiences at the Al Jabal Village. Watch the mesmerizing belly dancers, and Tanoura dancing, all the while enjoying the lights and the incredible food. It is definitely an experience for every tourist who comes to Dubai.

Go on camel walks

People on the other side of the world have never seen camels in the flesh, let alone experience the ride. Although it may be a beginner move, a camel ride is like a ritual for Dubai. You go for a camel walk, and you learn to appreciate the humble camel, with its humps and its sturdy gait.

 Explore Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is another one of the biggest malls in Dubai that just seems filled to the brim with activities to do. Shopping, obviously, but the attractions within the mall are just crazy. Check it out during your trip and you won’t regret experiencing one of the top-rated malls in Dubai that just seem alive with energy.

Stay at the Habtoor Grand Resort

While this may be a bit expensive, the Habtoor Grand Resort Autograph Collection is simply too good to pass up. It has a private beach, an infinity pool, and some of the world’s most outrageous amenities. If you are in Dubai, you can get public access too, so spending all that money might get you something better.

 Visit the Madinat Jumeirah Souk

Marketplaces are big in Dubai, and the Madinat Jumeirah is a beautiful place to both shop and experience. Also, once you get tired of shopping and taking in the rustic beauty of the place, you can taste authentic Arabian food in the many restaurants in the souk. Exhilarating place.

 Check out the Etihad Museum,

Another place with interactive history! The Etihad Museum has several films, testimonies, and interactive pods where you can learn about Dubai, its history, how it came to be, and the nation’s founders. Make your trip a little educational, too.

Take a walk on the Dubai Canal Walk

The Dubai Canal Walk boasts the best walk you will ever take in your life, and that is because of the beautiful bridges you will encounter while on your way. It also has beautiful panoramas and skyscrapers along the way, so the Dubai Canal Walk is a must-visit for tourists in Dubai.

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