Börja dagen på rätt sätt: Utforska Dubais 10 bästa frukostställen

Are you sick of waking up to the constant hum of alarm clocks to drag yourself out of bed for a mediocre breakfast? We get it. What if we told you there’s a better way to start the day in Dubai?

3SA Real Estate is more than simply a reliable real estate partner. We have searched and compiled Dubai’s top breakfast spots where you can indulge in delicious meals and make unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a resident seeking a new breakfast treasure or a guest ready to dig into Dubai’s culinary delights, we promise to take you through this pleasant morning journey. So, if you’ve ever wondered where to find the best breakfast in Dubai,  our list of the best ten breakfast places in the city will make your decision easy.

What to Eat in Dubai? 10 Top Breakfast Spots

Address: Al Barsha South Dubai Hills Mall, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean, Turkish, Arabic

In our search for the top breakfast spots in Dubai, we came across a hidden treasure that will tantalize your taste buds: Zouzou Turkish & Lebanese Restaurant at Dubai Hills Mall.

Zouzou is a name you should remember if you enjoy Turkish or Lebanese food.

This restaurant, located in the heart of Dubai Hills, provides a dining experience that is nothing short of exceptional. Your palette is in for a treat with delicacies like the mixed meat platter and hummus. While it is a little pricy, the dish’s quality merits every dirham invested.

One of the highlights of Zouzou is its ambiance. It’s concise and to the point, enabling you to concentrate on the flavors and scents surrounding you. If lucky, you might get a seat

outdoors with a view of the enchanting fountain, adding some magic to your breakfast experience.

The staff is more than eager to assist in settling little children into high chairs so that you may enjoy your dinner without interruption. The techno music playing in the background generates a lively vibe.

So, if you’re looking for a breakfast restaurant in Dubai Hills Mall that combines superb Turkish and Lebanese food with a lovely environment and family-friendly attitude, Zouzou is a must-visit.

2.  Lowe

Address- Koa Canvas, Wadi Al Safa 3

Cuisine-International, Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan Options

This gem knows how to take your breakfast to the next level. Lowe creates a homey yet contemporary setting with exposed concrete walls, wooden accents, and an open kitchen. It’s great for folks who enjoy long, languid weekend mornings because it’s surrounded by beautiful vegetation. We encourage reserving in advance to reserve your position due to its popularity.

Lowe stands out for its significant dedication to sustainability, as seen by its Michelin Green Star.

Their commitment to the environment is reflected in their food, which prioritizes quality, locally produced products. This dedication also pays homage to the founders’ Australian heritage, Jesse Blake and Kate Christou.

While Lowe perfectly serves breakfast classics like smashed avo, smoked salmon, and French toast, the unusual and imaginative things on their menu set it apart. Imagine baked broken eggs in curried onion sauce, chickpea, and za’atar flatbread topped with aged feta and coal-fired mushrooms. These meals alone are worth the 30-minute journey from Downtown Dubai.

Address- The Beach Al Gharbi St

Cuisine- American, Canadian, French, and Italian

If you enjoy eggs in all their unique shapes, you’ll love Eggspectation. This restaurant elevates the art of egg preparation by serving six delectable egg options, ranging from fluffy omelets to creamy scrambled eggs and sunny-side-ups that will brighten your day.

What distinguishes Eggspectation is its selection of ten different Eggs Benedicts, each with its separate twist.

But Eggspectation is more than just eggs; it’s a maestro of North American classics that will bring your taste buds to the continent’s heart. Consider chicken and waffles, buttermilk pancakes, and an all-American breakfast so decadent that it would qualify for the 1% club of morning meals.

The well-spaced tables guarantee you can enjoy breakfast comfortably, and the broad menu offers a tempting assortment of options. Furthermore, their meals’ freshness and depth of flavor are immediately apparent, raising your breakfast experience to new heights. The service is perfect, rounding out the mix for a fantastic dining experience.

So, if you’re looking for the best breakfast spot in Dubai highlighting the diversity of eggs and North American staples, Eggspectation is the place to go.

Address-39 Al Safa St CityWalk

Cuisine- American

Sarabeth’s stylish City Walk location in Dubai offers the authentic New York breakfast experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of Gossip Girl (the NYC location was used for filming) with a menu that includes fluffy French toast, lemon and ricotta pancakes, and goldie lox on a multigrain bagel. Every meal here is complete with a taste of the jam that started it all.

Sarabeth’s has earned a reputation as one of the neighborhood’s best breakfast places and supper restaurants. Their coffee is regarded as the best in town, and their outside seating allows you to enjoy the city’s atmosphere while dining. The light and broad indoor environment makes for a great eating experience.

Sarabeth’s menu is a delectable voyage through a world of flavors, with dishes like espresso, americano, and toffee dessert leaving an indelible impact.

The pleasant, knowledgeable staff and low costs make for an unforgettable eating experience.

Address -Al Fahidi Street Bur Dubai, Bastakiya، Opposite Musalla Post Office

Cuisine- Local Healthy, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Vegetarian

Since 1997, the Arabian Tea House, located in the picturesque Bastakiya area, has been a calm sanctuary away from the busy clamor of modern Dubai.

This popular and one of the best breakfast spots in Dubai rapidly fills up on weekends with regulars and even celebrities. It’s best to arrive at the crack of dawn to savor their Emirati Breakfast platter at leisure properly.

This tray is a work of art placed on a huge silver dish for sharing. Classics include balaleet (vermicelli-topped omelet), khameer and chebab bread, dango (boiled chickpeas), watermelon jam, and a variety of cheeses are available.

Don’t forget to try a steaming cup of authentic gahwa (Arabic coffee). Before you leave, take a photo in their charming majlis-themed photobooth.

The Arabian Tea House is a must-visit breakfast location since it delivers an authentic flavor of Dubai’s culinary tradition and culture.

Address-Topaz Living Court, Al Barsha 1

Cuisine – American

Bites Café is a gem if you’re looking for a genuine Emirati breakfast experience. This restaurant respects the region’s rich culinary heritage by serving a cuisine including traditional Emirati flavors. A visit to Bites Café is an exploration of local culture and food.

Here, you can have “balaleet,” a sweet vermicelli delicacy, or “chebab,” Emirati pancakes that excite your taste buds. These delectable sweets are best eaten with a cup of delicious local tea or Arabic coffee, which gives a genuine touch to your morning meal.

Not only does the cuisine at Bites Café stand out, but so does the pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The kindness of the staff guarantees that your visit is unforgettable.

 Bites Café is a must-visit if you’re looking for a real flavor of Dubai and an Emirati breakfast experience like no other.

Address -9a Street Next to Manara Exit Next to Noor Bank Metro Station

Cuisine – Mexican, American, British, Street Food, Indian

Raju Omelet has developed into a breakfast heaven over the years, with various meals to suit a variety of palates.

When you walk inside Raju Omelet, you’ll be greeted by a rustic and comfortable setting that wonderfully compliments the food.

 The design and atmosphere here take you to Mumbai’s busy streets, where the varied blend of flavors and cultures is a sensory feast.

The “Street side Omelet Sandwich,” a delicious dish that perfectly represents the atmosphere of this Mumbai-inspired diner, is one of the menu’s highlight products. Don’t forget to combine your meal with one of their many teas packed with some of the most significant spices and flavors in town. And if you’re wondering what to order, don’t worry: Raju Omelet has no bad options.

The menu has a variety of delicious selections, such as mutton keema and freshly baked Bombay pavs (buns), making it easier to go right.

The unique combination of flavors and the eccentric Bollywood-themed environment that adds fun to your eating experience make Raju Omelet exceptional.

So, don’t forget to visit this place and taste the Irani wrestler’s omelet or Mumbai anda pav, both of which are local favorites.

Address- Um Suqueim 1 Jumeirah Beach Road


The Hamptons Café is ideal for people seeking the best breakfast in Dubai with a contemporary touch. This chic café takes pride in employing high-quality products to produce a sophisticated cuisine that appeals to your craving for the unusual.

Try their famed truffle scrambled eggs or indulge in delectable French pastries when dining at The Hamptons Café. Every taste reveals the cafe’s attention to superb cooking and producing an exceptional dining experience.

With so many options in Dubai, The Hamptons Café always provides exceptional service, ensuring your visit is unforgettable.

This breakfast formation provides refinement, quality, and an outstanding eating experience.

Adress-Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard The Lofts

Cuisine– Moroccan, Arabic, Middle Eastern

Are you looking for the best brunch experience in Downtown Dubai? Bab Al Mansour is your gateway to tasting Moroccan morning flavors.

This luxurious restaurant, named after a historic gate in the Moroccan city of Meknes, invites you to a mosaic of Moroccan delicacies.

Their fluffy egg tajine with pork or shrimp is exceptional, and it’s only the beginning. Barkoukach is a typical bread that includes baghrir (semolina pancake), m’smen (flatbread), and harsha (semolina cake).

These delectable choices can be bought alone or as part of a complete breakfast package that includes balboula (za’tar-infused barley soup), Moroccan tea, marinated olives, and amlou—an airy argan oil-infused almond butter that is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Bab Al Mansour provides a brunch experience as varied and rich as Moroccan culture. It’s a sensory journey, from the bright flavors to the stunning surroundings.

Address- Street 27B, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah Beach Road

Cuisine International, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Medicinal

To balance our list of top 10 breakfast spots in Dubai, we’re presenting you to Seva Table, a vegan haven nestled in a Jumeirah 1 villa. Seva’s menu will satisfy you if you’re searching for a guilt-free breakfast.

This plant-based cafe has an all-organic breakfast menu to rev up your metabolism. Seva Table offers it all: eggless omelets to avocado on toast, chunky monkey pancakes, and gluten-free with MCT oil and r superfoods like ashwagandha, maca, and cacao nibs.

With its rustic wooden tables, library corner, and outside floor sitting, the restaurant’s distinctive and quirky décor offers a sanctuary of peace. You won’t find a trace of trans-fat or WiFi for kilometers, but you will discover abundant flavor and nutrients.

And If you’re craving something sweet, Seva Table’s vegan and guilt-free Tiramisu is a must-try. With tasty vegan cuisine, stunning presentation, refreshing smoothies, and delicious gluten-free sweets, this charming restaurant located among lush flora guarantees a lovely experience.

The Bottom Line

Breakfast is no exception to the city’s gourmet prowess in Dubai’s ever-changing culinary environment.

We hope our exploration has stoked your appetite for the best breakfast places in Dubai restaurants.

The decision is now yours: start on your breakfast trip across Dubai’s lively streets.

So, which of these exceptional breakfast restaurants would you select for your next breakfast?Stay tuned with 3SA Real Estate for additional culinary adventures, and let your taste sensations guide you!

Don’t hesitate to make the first step in changing your lifestyle for the better, get in contact.


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