Marbella Fair: Discover the Essence of Our Most Emblematic Fair

Experience the Vibrant Traditions and Festivities

Each year, the Marbella Fair lights up the Costa del Sol with a dazzling display of Andalusian culture and festivity. This week-long event, typically held in June, offers a perfect blend of sunny days and festive nights filled with music, dance, and traditional celebrations. At 3SA Estates, we invite you to immerse yourself in this vibrant cultural experience, which truly captures the essence of Marbella’s rich heritage and community spirit.

When and Where Does the Marbella Fair Take Place?

The Marbella Fair generally occurs in the second half of June, marking the beginning of the summer season on the Costa del Sol. This timing not only celebrates the local patron saint, San Bernabé, but also takes advantage of the region’s perfect weather—long sunny days that transition into cool, pleasant evenings, ideal for enjoying the fair’s numerous outdoor activities.

Celebrating San Bernabé: The Patron Saint of Marbella

The fair is dedicated to San Bernabé, Marbella’s patron saint, who is honored with various religious ceremonies, including special masses and processions. These solemn, respectful events are juxtaposed with the joyous communal festivities that fill the streets, creating a rich, multi-layered cultural tapestry.

Main Activities and Attractions

Held in the heart of the city at La Alameda fairground, the Marbella Fair transforms the area into a vibrant hub of activity. Colorful booths line the venue, each offering a taste of local cuisine, live music, and dance. These booths are not just meeting spots for friends and family but are open to all, inviting fair-goers to step in and experience the local hospitality.

Traditional Highlights of the Fair

Flamenco: No festival in Andalusia would be complete without flamenco. The fair features spectacular dance performances that showcase the skill and passion of flamenco dancers, accompanied by heartfelt guitar rhythms and powerful singing.

Gastronomy: The fair is also a feast for the taste buds. The traditional ‘pescaíto frito’, a delicious local dish of fried fish, becomes a culinary staple, alongside other regional delicacies that fill the air with enticing aromas.

Costume Contests: Participants dress in traditional Andalusian attire, adding a visual feast of colors and textures to the festivities. These contests celebrate the region’s sartorial heritage, featuring beautifully detailed flamenco dresses and accessories.

Why Attend the Marbella Fair?

Attending the Marbella Fair is more than just a vacation activity; it’s a dive into the heart of Marbella’s cultural life. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with the traditions that have shaped this region, from the solemnity of religious observances to the exuberance of its street parties.


The Marbella Fair is an essential experience for anyone visiting the city during this festive season. It offers a perfect introduction to the local culture, enriched with the spirit of joy and community. For those staying with us at 3SA Estates, the fair provides an easy and enriching way to enhance your holiday, ensuring that your visit is not just relaxing but also full of unforgettable memories. Prepare to dance, eat, and celebrate in true Marbella style!


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