Vacation Rental Taxes in Spain: A Complete Guide for Homeowners

Understanding Your Fiscal Responsibilities as a Vacation Rental Owner

Navigating the tax landscape can be daunting for any homeowner looking to delve into the vacation rental market in Spain. At 3SA Estates, we’re committed to ensuring you’re always equipped with the knowledge to move forward confidently. This guide aims to demystify the various taxes associated with vacation rentals in Spain, offering clarity on what you owe, how much, and the essential tips for managing these obligations effectively.

Types of Taxes Involved in Vacation Rentals

Understanding the taxes applicable to your vacation rental property is crucial for compliance and financial planning:

  1. Personal Income Tax (IRPF): Income from vacation rentals is taxable under the IRPF for residents, where earnings are added to other income and taxed accordingly.
  2. Wealth Tax: This tax is based on the net value of your properties if your total assets exceed a certain threshold.
  3. Non-Resident Income Tax (IRNR): Non-residents earning rental income in Spain must pay IRNR, typically at a rate of 24%, though this can vary with international treaties.
  4. Real Estate Tax (IBI): All property owners in Spain, including those of vacation rentals, must pay IBI, a local tax calculated based on the property’s location.

Calculating Your Tax Payments

The amount of tax you pay is influenced by several factors:

  1. Tax residency: Whether you’re a resident or non-resident affects your tax rate and obligations.
  2. Income generated: The total revenue from your rental property determines the tax amount, with potential adjustments based on other personal income.
  3. Deductible expenses: You can reduce your taxable income through deductions like maintenance costs, mortgage interest, insurance, and IBI.
  4. Property location: Local taxes and fees may apply depending on where your property is located.
  5. Rental duration and type: The length of rentals and whether you’re renting out a room or an entire home can affect your tax situation.

When and How to Pay Taxes

It’s important to adhere to the specific timelines for tax payments in Spain:

  1. Annual filings: Most taxes require annual submissions, but deadlines can vary.
  2. Proactive payments: Depending on your situation, you might need to make quarterly advance payments.
  3. Registering and Declaring Your Property

To legally rent out your property in Spain, follow these steps:

  1. Legal registration: Ensure your property meets all local regulations, including obtaining necessary licenses.
  2. Accurate record-keeping: Maintain detailed records of all rental income and expenses.
  3. Tax filing: Submit your tax returns as required, accurately reflecting your rental business activities.


While vacation rental properties in Spain offer a lucrative opportunity, they come with complex tax responsibilities. By understanding these obligations and planning accordingly, you can ensure a profitable and compliant venture. Always consider consulting with a tax professional to navigate this intricate area effectively. At 3SA Estates, we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey in the vacation rental market is as smooth and successful as possible.


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