Departures: who left ‘Selling Sunset’ recently?

Departures: who left ‘Selling Sunset’ recently?

It’s a perfect match made in heaven regarding reality TV shows and realtors. The high stakes of the Los Angeles real estate market and the adrenaline rush of closing multimillion dollar deals all make for an entertaining watch every day of the week, and the chemistry and rivalry between the show’s stars is something that fans love and adore. Netflix has certainly hit the right spot with Selling Sunset, but while the show itself is impressive and good entertainment, some beloved stars of the show have ridden off into the sunset and departed from the show. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the cast changes and departures on Selling Sunset and get into the details of why these stars left the show. 

For more information on the show, check out Selling Sunset on Netflix, which is complete with seven seasons full of drama, mayhem, and competition within the Oppenheim Group, which deals with high-end real estate in Los Angeles. The show itself follows the team of real estate agents and showcases their complex professional and personal lives. Check it out on Netflix, and now, for the star departures and cast changes on Selling Sunset, here’s who left the show and why. 

Selling Sunset: who left the show recently?

Around five of the show’s glamouring and dazzling real estate agents have left the show and the Oppenheim Group, by extension, including one that shocked fans the most. These stars who left for other ventures and better opportunities are, 

Fans often followed these five as the most interesting ones of the group, while Brett, the co-founder of the company and the group, also left, shocking many viewers. This move from Brett got people wondering whether the next move for him would be another company or a new startup. Now, let’s look at the reasons behind the departures from Selling Sunset. 

1) Maya Vander
2) Christine Quinn
3) Davina Portraz
4) Vanessa Villela
5) Brett Oppenheim

Fans often followed these five as the most interesting ones of the group, while Brett, the co-founder of the company and the group, also left, shocking many viewers. This move from Brett got people wondering whether the next move for him would be another company or a new startup. Now, let’s look at the reasons behind the departures from Selling Sunset. 

Maya Vander

Maya Vander was one of the co-stars on the show. While she was always on-screen with her expressive persona and her wheeling-dealing, Vander told her followers on Instagram that she had thought about quitting the show previously to focus on her family, and after the tragic loss of her baby, she decided to go through with the change and quit the show. According to her, the decision was motivated by the fact that her family saw less and less of her as the show progressed and that being in the public eye after such a devastating loss made her rethink her priorities and how stardom affected her. She stepped away from the show to ‘heal’, and the healing was perfect: in May 2023, she gave birth to Emma Reign. She currently plans to continue her stardom working under the Maya Vander Group banner.

Selling Sunset

Christine Quinn

Christine arguably had one of the most prominent roles in the reality TV show, and that might have been because of her quick wit and charming screen presence. Aside from her expertise in dealing with the extremely competitive real estate market of LA, Christine had her own spectacular designer outfits that bedazzled everybody. She took a break from the reality show to focus on her startup by the name of RealOpen, which is a futuristic concept designed to allow clientele to buy exclusive and high-end luxury properties in Los Angeles with cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. In addition to that, to help supplement and support the business venture, her husband also helped found RealScore, which provides a credit scoring system for buyers and sellers in the real estate industry. However, there is hope: in an interview, she was quoted as saying ‘never leave TV’, which allows her to appear in other shows. 

Selling Sunset

Davina Portraz

Davina’s story, in the grand scheme of the show, has been rather weird, to say the least. After she and the founders had a disagreement on the show over a $75 million listing, she parted ways with the Oppenheim Group and the Selling Sunset setup altogether and was confirmed to have joined the rival real estate agency of Douglas Elliman, which she said had offered her an incredibly lucrative package. However, once she was settled at her new job, she confused both viewers and her co-stars by asking for her job back at the Oppenheim Group and the show; however, this mixup has taken the spotlight away from her. While her return is still in the works, fans would only be able to spot her in the background since she has other things on her plate right now, including guest appearances on a German real estate reality show titled ‘The Mallorca Real Estate Agent.’

Vanessa Villela

The former Spanish TV sensation debuted in Hollywood during the fourth season of Selling Sunset. However, she didn’t stick around for long. In fact, by the sixth season, fans were clamoring for her, while she was nowhere to be seen. Then she revealed during an interview that while Selling Sunset had been good, she needed some other place to make a mark for her own, and luckily for her, the place was The Agency, which is one of the real estate giants in LA and has its own Netflix show as well, titled Buying Beverly Hills. Mauricio Umanksy started the Agency, and since Umansky and Vanessa both share the ‘outsider looking for the American Dream’ story, she felt more comfortable here. While transitioning from Oppenheim to The Agency, she also married her fiancé and revealed that she had no ill feelings towards her Selling Sunset co-stars. The decision was mutual and leaves no hard feelings at all. 

Brett Oppenheim

Last but not least, the co-founder of the Oppenheim Group and one of the driving forces behind the show, Brett Oppenheim, also left the agency and the show for better opportunities but did not join any rival agency. Instead, Brett has his own website now, which sells online real estate master courses and keeps him busy throughout his days. Leaving the company the Oppenheim duo founded hasn’t affected his relationship with Jason, who insisted that they were both extremely close and on more than amicable terms, but Brett had new ideas and ventures he wanted to try out. Brett does make many appearances on Selling the OC during the second season, which confused a lot of fans into expecting him to return to Selling Sunset, but apparently, that is not the case. 

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