Filming Locale- Where is Selling Sunset Filmed?

Filming Locale- Where is Selling Sunset Filmed?

If you have landed on this blog, you are either a fan of Selling Sunset or a real estate lover! Either way, you have come to the right place. Most people who enjoy dramatic real estate shows with lots of glitz and glam have probably seen “Selling Sunset” within a single night! This show is the best example of witnessing the high-stakes realm of Los Angeles’s premium real estate market through an exclusive reality T.V. series. Everything about “Selling Sunset” has gone viral, from the stunning homes featured to the complex relationships between the real estate agents. 

In this blog post, we will surely cover everything you want to know about this reality show and its stunning filming locales. So gear yourself up and dive into the details below!

Everything You Must Know About Selling Sunset and It’s Filming Locale:

A popular reality TV show called “Selling Sunset” debuted in 2019. This show gives viewers a glimpse into the high-stakes world of Los Angeles’s upscale real estate market through a novel combination of real estate excitement and interpersonal dynamics. 

Selling Sunset shows people the high-end real estate market by showcasing luxurious properties, including estates, sleek contemporary houses, and billion-dollar residences. Looking behind the scenes at the real estate brokers’ daily lives, this show beautifully portrays the affluent lifestyle, prominent landmarks, and irresistible charm of Los Angeles. The real estate agents in “Selling Sunset” are performed by charming and energetic actors who bring their roles to life.

Filming Locations of Selling Sunset:

Los Angeles:

Where is Selling Sunset Filmed?

The central part of Season 7 of Selling Sunset has been filmed in Los Angeles, a city for the birthplace of Hollywood glamor and the pinnacle of deluxe living. Some of the significant locations in Los Angeles set include Holy Roly Ice Cream, Stone Street, No. 10 Restaurant, Ryan and Walter, Beauty and Essex, Mr. C, Sagrado, Magnolia Bakery, The Godfrey, Theia, The Everly, and Breadblok.

West Hollywood:

Where is Selling Sunset Filmed?

The second most crucial filming location for Selling Sunset has been West Hollywood. This famous neighborhood radiates refined luxury mainly because of the many new villas and expensive houses. The sleek, contemporary architectural structures of the Hollywood Hills, with their swimming pools facing city lights, are a crucial part of the show. Some locations in West Hollywood that have been seen on the show are The Oppenheim Group, Tesse Restaurant, E.P. & L.P., Monarch Athletic Club, and The London West Hollywood.

Beverly Hills:

Where is Selling Sunset Filmed?

Last but not least, Beverly Hills has been marked as a significant location for the shooting of Selling Sunset. Beverly Hills is renowned for its exclusive mansions and extravagant lifestyle. Some filming locations at Beverly Hills include Ocean Prime and The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

What Connects Selling Sunset and 3SA Together?

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So, How Does 3SA Make a Difference?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does 3SA focus on the client’s requirements and preferences?

Yes definitely. At 3SA, we value personalized service above everything else. Clients’ unique tastes, needs, and goals for their ideal home or filming location are carefully considered by the organization’s real estate agents. By working together, we can guarantee that every client will receive personalized assistance finding a place that suits their preferences.

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From Dubai to Marbella, the real estate agency 3SA focuses on finding unique filming sites and high-end homes similar to those shown on “Selling Sunset.” Whatever your real estate or filming dreams, 3SA’s extensive portfolio and professional staff can help you find the ideal setting.

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