UNO in Marbella: A New Paradigm of Luxury Living on the Golden Mile

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As Marbella continues to define itself as a beacon of luxury on the Costa del Sol, a new development is set to crystallize this reputation. UNO, located on the prestigious Golden Mile, is swiftly becoming the buzzword among those in the know. Poised for completion in late 2025, UNO is designed to epitomize luxury, smart design, and natural splendor. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes UNO not just a residence but a revolution in luxury living.

The Strategic Location of UNO
Prime Location on the Golden Mile: Situated in one of Marbella’s most sought-after locales, UNO lies along the Golden Mile, near the 5-star Puente Romano Beach Resort. This area is renowned for its luxury accommodations and proximity to Marbella’s vibrant lifestyle offerings, including high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and elite sports facilities.

The Design and Amenities of UNO
Exclusive Living Units: Spanning a massive 60,000 m² with a 300-meter frontline beach stretch, UNO will house 50 luxury apartments across 7 low-rise blocks. The units range from 2-bedroom apartments with offices to lavish 6-bedroom penthouses and 4 exclusive villas. Each home is designed with a pavilion-style layout arranged in a gently curving horseshoe, maximizing views of the sculpted gardens, swimming pools, and the shimmering Mediterranean.

Breathtaking Views and Luxurious Facilities: Every aspect of UNO is crafted to offer unparalleled luxury. Residents will enjoy direct access to the beach and expansive views across the sea to the African coast. The development’s design emphasizes spacious, light-filled living areas that open out onto large terraces, offering private, serene outdoor living spaces.

Investment and Future Prospects
A Sound Investment: With its unmatched location and superior design, UNO represents a significant investment opportunity. The demand for properties within this development is high, as evidenced by the swift sale of many units pre-completion. Prices are expected to range from the mid-single figures up to approximately ten million euros, reflecting the exclusive nature of the property and its amenities.

Building Progress and Sales: Construction licenses for UNO have been fully approved, with construction progressing rapidly. The anticipation around this development continues to grow as potential buyers and investors recognize the unique opportunity to own a part of Marbella’s new luxury landmark.

Why the Golden Mile?
The Heart of Marbella’s Luxury Scene: The Golden Mile is not just a location; it’s a lifestyle statement. Known for its beautiful promenade, pristine beaches, and luxury living, it stands out as an ideal location for those seeking a combination of serene beachfront living and access to vibrant city life. UNO’s placement here ensures residents will enjoy the best of both worlds.

Learn More About UNO
As a leading authority in Marbella luxury real estate, 3SA Estates is perfectly positioned to offer insights and opportunities for those interested in UNO. Whether you’re looking to invest in a future home or seeking a luxurious vacation property, UNO offers an unmatched standard of living in one of Europe’s most glamorous destinations.

UNO in Marbella is setting a new standard for luxury living on the Costa del Sol. With its stunning location, innovative design, and comprehensive amenities, it represents a unique opportunity for discerning buyers. At 3SA Estates, we’re excited to guide you through every step of the journey towards owning a piece of this exceptional new development. Contact us today to discover more about how you can be part of Marbella’s luxurious future at UNO.

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