When the digital world conquers borders

The search that starts online…

In today’s day and age, it is quite common to initiate the home buying process online as now technology is at the forefront of the new real estate market. More so, social media is engaging a large community of buyers and heavily influencing them when it comes to purchasing a property. From hashtags to relevant search, homebuyers find homes that meet their specific requirements on these platforms. Mostly popular amongst Millennials and Gen Z who have represented the largest generation of homebuyers in recent years. To be more specific most 30 to 49-year old’s, 82% are using either Instagram or Facebook.

These two generations will form part of the majority of home owners in the near future, as they are a generation that heavily consume information stemming from social media and forms part of their day to day life. This means they are constantly exposed and soaking in digital advertising, which will have a beneficial effect over the real estate market.


The Realness of the Social Media Influence

If a homeowner is trying to figure out how to sell a house quickly, the internet is the best place to start. It is quite straightforward to find real estate firms, brokers, and other resources by using search engines. Although now it has become quite common to rely on social media as part of a business’s online presence. This means that potential clients will take seconds in finding the social media platforms of real estate businesses and start eyeing up properties on there, as well as searching for factors such as credibility, image, reputation, etc. Not only this, but users are also constantly viewing and searching for evolving trends, meaning as a business, it is vital to keep up with these trends and not get left behind. To this date, social media has the gift of enabling businesses to reach potential clients and markets in even completely remote places, more so, worldwide.

Given the scope of possibilities brought to us thanks to the internet, potential homebuyers will also quite probably be researching neighbourhoods as well as the real estate brokers that will be assisting in the process. It is quite easy to search for social neighbourhood activities, nightlife, the style of homes in the area, etc. This can also work vice versa, brokers also can be quite active on social media meaning it is also simple to discover what the potential client is about – being able to tailor around your personal choices and preferences.

Social media has also become a great way to brand, advertise and stand out from the competition. When it comes to real estate firms and brokers, it is a chance to individualize your business and show what you want your audience to see about you, your lifestyle choices, your business, etc. The market has become increasingly competitive therefore it is important to understand how to present a product or service on social media to maximize its potential. At 3SA we understand how homebuyers want to know all the details about what is selling, such as the neighbourhood, surrounding areas, views, home values, but most importantly how we are helping you make the best investment.

It is clear to visualize for the foreseeable future that social media platforms will play a huge roll in the real estate market, being another sales channel for many businesses as well. It is vital to know and master this great tool to continue to improve the endless possibilities, more so as with time, there will be new social media platforms and it will form part of the success in the next real estate revolution. This is partially because it has become one of the most powerful tools and influence, allowing us to access and promote trends, brands, news, and so on 24/7. This not only applies to smaller scale decisions such as fashion, gadgets, cosmetics etc, but also influences much more life changing and bigger decisions – as can be, purchasing a new home.


The emotional impact in purchasing

Buying a house is usually a milestone for many, most commonly meaning a big change in your life. Quite curiously buying a house is strongly led by emotion, although you’d think it is a practical and rational consideration. The influence of social media is most definitely affecting the way we behave, trends we follow and therefore in turn how we purchase houses, somewhat guiding us through this decision making process.

The proliferation of visual content organized around topics of interest, produced and curated by peers and professionals alike, is the ideal breeding ground for instant inspiration. We no longer have to wait for weeks of the latest editions of well know magazines to get inspiration, ideas and dreams for home buying, interior design and so on, we are just a few clicks away from seeing what is in. The emotional impact of these platforms is so powerful it influences a scope of purchases we can make during our lifetime.

Most definitely it is quite clear how much social media has played a role in our day to day lives, especially when it comes to trends and purchasing goods or services. This grand and powerful tool is only going to become increasingly popular not only as a sales technique, but also as the master key for setting trends and reaching wider audiences globally.

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Borja Zuloaga Head of Development