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Originally from Hammerfest, Norway, the Northernmost city in the world Ola easily fell in love with Marbella as a kid visiting his aunt and uncle who built their home in Marbella as early as 1970.
Life gave him the opportunity to move here in 2010, and since then he’s been enjoying the atmosphere, weather, lifestyle and surroundings of Marbella.
With this background, 12 years of experience as a real estate broker and a deep knowledge of the area he will help you find your dream home in this amazing place full of passion and with a trustworthy approach.

“None of my clients have ever lost on buying a property with me, and I guarantee you that I don’t want you to be the first!”
Real Estate Broker



For me it started when I visited my aunt as a kid, I instantly fell for the atmosphere. The perfect climate, the relaxed way of living, the nice cars and boats, the proximity to both the sea and the mountains, and Marbella’s perfect location as a «hub» with easy reach of Morocco, the amazing beaches from Tarifa to Cadiz, skiing in Sierra Nevada only 2 hours away, small white villages up in the mountains, and just a few hours to Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid, Nerja and even to the beaches in Portugal. And the amazing conditions for the golfers make it a place that is just as attractive during winter as in the summer. Keeping restaurants and other amenities open all year and with full cover of flights throughout the year.


First of all a transparent and trustworthy approach.
I will use my many years of experience to help and guide you in the search for the area and property that will be ideal for you.
We are all different with different needs and wishes, so for me it is important to gather even more information than I give. There is a reason we have two ears, and one mouth.
With a large network of friends and contacts in the industry built over many years, a genuine love and interest for the Marbella area, I can guarantee that together we will be able to find every property on the market, and then select the one that fits YOU best.

Within our company sector 3SA Estate Marbella, I help my customers in realizing their dreams of a better life in the sun.

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