Picnic Marbella: The Ultimate Way to Celebrate Life’s Special Moments

Discover the Charm of Tailored Outdoor Celebrations with Picnic Marbella

At 3SA Estates, we not only guide you to your dream home in Marbella but also introduce you to unique ways to celebrate life’s special moments. For those exceptional days, whether it’s a birthday, a romantic gesture, or any other memorable occasion, Picnic Marbella offers an enchanting option. This service isn’t just about dining outdoors; it’s about creating lasting memories in picturesque settings. Imagine a meticulously arranged picnic in the mountains, by the sea, or even in your own garden—Picnic Marbella turns a simple meal into an extraordinary event.

Our Experience
Last summer, we organized a friend’s birthday picnic with Picnic Marbella in the mountains overlooking the city. The experience was nothing short of magical. The team at Picnic Marbella arranged a boho-style setup complete with a personalized welcome sign, creating a dreamy and inviting atmosphere. Our tapas-style meal included delicious hams, cheeses, grapes, bread, and nuts, complemented by a selection of drinks like rosé, champagne, and chilled Corona. Background music from a JBL speaker and the breathtaking mountain views only enhanced our enjoyment, making it an unforgettable celebration.

The Ultimate Picnic Experience
Picnic Marbella’s offerings begin at €65 per person, which includes a choice between a brunch or tapas menu accompanied by water. Guests can upgrade their experience with a variety of beverages and additional treats. The exact location of the picnic is revealed 24 hours in advance, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to the experience. For those planning a summer picnic, we recommend scheduling it in the morning to avoid the midday heat.

Special Packages
Picnic Marbella tailors experiences with three special packages:

Boho Set-up Picnic: Ideal for birthdays, baby showers, or casual gatherings, this option starts at €550 and can be set up in your garden. Note that this price does not include drinks and snacks, which can be added as desired.
Picnic Set-up & Cocktail Bar: For a minimum of 10 people, this luxurious setup includes a bartender, a cocktail bar, and a styled picnic with tapas for €1,200. It’s perfect for creating a unique and stylish celebration with friends.
Romantic Picnic for Two: At €265, this romantic arrangement includes a bottle of Ruinart Champagne, a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, a JBL speaker, and a tapas platter, creating a perfect intimate setting for two.
Spice Up Your Picnic
The customization doesn’t stop at the basic offerings. Picnic Marbella allows you to enhance your picnic with extras like a Spanish omelette, Champagne, a Polaroid camera, or even a birthday cake. Tailor your picnic to reflect your personal style or the occasion you’re celebrating.

If you’re searching for a distinctive and memorable way to celebrate a special event or surprise a loved one, Picnic Marbella is an excellent choice. Their ability to pop up in the most stunning locations around Marbella, from mountainsides to sandy beaches, makes every event special. With their range of packages and customizable options, Picnic Marbella ensures that each picnic is not just a meal, but a lavish celebration of life’s great moments. Embrace the unique, stylish, and unforgettable experiences offered by Picnic Marbella—perfect for making any day extraordinary.

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