Nicole’s Story: Addressing Drug Rumors on ‘Selling Sunset

Nicole’s Story: Addressing Drug Rumors on ‘Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset, the hit reality series that follows a group of high-end real estate and property realtors in Los Angeles has had its fair share of turbulent moments for the cast that really struck a chord with the audience, causing a wave of online flurry and speculation into what is what. The show is full of such ‘wow’ moments, and one such moment has technically become a mainstay in the series, especially since the sixth season, which saw realtor Chrishell Stause accuse her co-star and colleague with the Oppenheim Group, Nicole Young, of being ‘on drugs’. 

Nicole Young

So, what was that all about, and whether Nicole from Selling Sunset did drugs? All of these drug rumors had social media up in a frenzy, with people speculating that Stause was right in defending her relationship with the group boss, Jason Oppenheim. The fact that there were several weight and appearance irregularities with Nicole throughout the season really did fuel the drug rumors, but the truth is out now, and now we may know, once and for all, whether or not Nicole did drugs while on Selling Sunset. 

But first, a little background on the whole episode. 

Where did the drug rumors start from?

In a previous episode, where the realtors enjoyed a little getaway in Palm Springs, the duo began by bringing up the past, which upset Stause. More specifically, Nicole Young started talking about a previous sale they both had worked on. This big client and purchase came with a hefty commission, which both were eyeing, although most of the legwork on this deal had been done by Young, and she was not willing to share the credit or the monetary gains with Stause. 

During the dinner in Palm Springs, Young bought up the topic of the previous sale and claimed that Stause was only given a part of the deal because the boss of the organization, Jason Oppenheim, was attracted to her and wanted to give her a reason to stick around. This upset the otherwise jovial nature of the dinner, and soon, the scene went from that of friendliness to a confrontational one. After Stause pointed out that it was in the past and that a lot of time had elapsed since that, she asked Young to give it a rest and let bygones be bygones. 

However, Young, when confronted with that, claimed that she was moving on from all that, to which an annoyed Stause replied that that made sense since there wasn’t a lot of merit about it, and ‘you’re on drugs. Young took a row with the last comment, snapping back with profanity. The situation calmed down after a little back and forth, but the comments hurt Young.

Nicole Young from Selling Sunset does drugs: the reality

Afterward, she was advised by her lawyers to submit to a drug test, which would provide a basis for any real evidence of Young being on drugs, which she promptly did. The test returned negative, meaning Stause’s insinuation had been wrong. While Young wanted to pursue a legal battle for that phrase, her lawyers advised her against that, stating that would be unnecessary and would only drag both of them through a process ‘nobody wants to go through.

What’s the situation now?

After the episode aired, there was a stream of internet citizens debating whether or not Stause was telling the truth and whether Young was actually on drugs. Fans of the show noted that while drugs might have been part of the equation, Young did go through some weight changes, which could be explained by her being on drugs. This was bound to happen because Young has had an antagonistic relationship with the cast and the series’ fans. 

However, things took a turn for the worse when Young said she received death threats from fans of the show, stating that she feared for her safety over trivial comments that she had made regarding Stause, and her supposed drug-taking habit was beginning to affect her peace of mind.

Young takes to social media to explain her side

After she had enough from the social media trolls wanting an explanation from her over her supposed drug habit, Nicole Young, on June 30th, took to Instagram to address the allegations that her drug habit was not only affecting her health but also her work and her relationship with her colleagues and co-stars, which was affecting the show. 

Starting with the weight gain, Young told the viewers that she had recently gone through an IVF procedure, which meant that her weight would go up, and after recovering from that process, she lost all that weight due to a strict routine of exercise and dieting. She pointed out the insensitive nature of people, stating that for two years, she was going through a recovery phase to get back her body, while people fueled the rumors of her being on drugs all the time, which affected her physical health as much as it was detrimental for her mental health. She further stated that she had received messages that falsely portrayed her as having an eating disorder, which did not help the situation at all. 

With all of this drama resolved, with Young explaining that she never had an eating disorder or any drug habits, the social media frenzy finally died down, which meant that Young would be asked if she was returning to the show, which she hasn’t confirmed as of now. 

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