Forming part of La Costa del Sol, Torremolinos is the place where it all began – the fairy tale life dating back the 1960s, it used to be a very quiet village and is now a great tourist hub bringing in nationalities from all over the globe. Here you will come across busy yet well-kept beaches which have many beach restaurants that will draw you in for some nice tapas and fish. Along these beaches there is the beach promenade, Paseo Maritimo, which continues up to Benalmadena and is filled with shops, bars and restaurants. If you enjoy a vibrant night scene you will find there are infinite bars, clubs and terraces to accompany you while you enjoy a nice beverage. Another exciting feature about Torremolinos are its great sport and leisure facilities. You can practice windsurfing, water skiing as well as paragliding if you are one for water sports, and if you prefer a more relaxing activity for all then you can rent the pedal boats.

So if you enjoy a place full of liveliness then you will definitely feel that, however with a laidback charm making it the perfect combination for that lifestyle change you have been wanting.


It’s crystal clear that the south of Spain is renowned for its wonderful and consistent pleasant weather, making it one of the biggest deciding factors to settle down here. Torremolinos has the influence of the Mediterranean Sea making it possible to enjoy a fantastic climate as it is normally always warm, rarely dropping below 10ºc at least for 9 months of the year. You will find that it doesn’t get too cold nor too hot throughout the year, it’s the perfect balance if you don’t like extreme weather. As an example, the temperature can have an average of 16ºc and in the summer months it varies between 25ºc to 30ºc. Therefore, the weather is hardly ever going to let you down. Imagine the amount of options you have with the weather on your side most of the year! Meaning you will be able to enjoy outdoor nature and activities, whether you are into tennis, golf or even hiking, you will be able to fulfil your hobbies all year round.


Amongst our catalogue of exclusive apartments, you will find the most tempting features that make your life cosier and easier, such as its central location and just a few minutes from all the amenities and where all the life is. If your desire is to be closely connected to all the basic amenities and entertainment, yet have a tranquil area to live in - then this is the perfect spot for you. We are more than confident that our properties all combine the requirements and well-designed architecture you have been looking for, built to the highest quality standards.