Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Malaga has a history that dates back around 2.800 years, being the 6th largest city in Spain. It has become one of most popular areas of La Costa del Sol, offering the luxurious Mediterranean warm climate, an unbeatable place for settling down. Malaga is able to offer you the best of both worlds in everyday life, buzzing evenings with its streets filled, as well as its cultural aspects with a range of museums and historical monuments. If you enjoy the night scene there are infinite bars, clubs and breath-taking roof top terraces with stunning views, to accompany you while you enjoy a nice beverage. If you are also passionate about your food, Malaga will take you by surprise with the great variety it has to offer, whether you prefer something casual like the food market, tapas or perhaps a nice meal at an elegant restaurant.

Malaga boasts of a pedestrian only city centre plus a revamped port that will impress you, remaining a very typical Spanish city. So if you enjoy the bustling city feeling you will definitely feel that, however with a laidback charm making it the perfect combination for that lifestyle changing you have been waiting for.


By now it’s obvious that the south of Spain is renowned for its wonderful and continuous good weather, making it the biggest pull factor to settle down here. Malaga has the influence of the Mediterranean Sea making it possible to enjoy a micro climate as it is generally always pleasant, rarely dropping to single digits. You will find that it doesn’t get too cold in the winter months and neither does it get too hot in the summer, it’s the perfect balance if you don’t like extreme weather. To give you an idea it ranges between 16ºc and in the summer months it varies between 25ºc to 30ºc, meaning the weather is hardly ever going to let you down. Imagine the possibilities you have with the weather on your side most of the year, you will be able to enjoy outdoor nature and activities, whether you are into tennis, golf or water sports, you will be able to stay active and lead a happy on-going healthy lifestyle.


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