Refined Beachfront Villa

5 + Staff BEDROOMS
PLOT 1,207M²
Asking price AED46,500,000

Asking price AED46,500,000


This five-bedroom Palm Jumeirah villa is the epitome of laid-back luxury. The newly renovated home is 7,000 square feet in size and sits on a 13,000 square foot lot, both of which showcase breathtaking panoramas of calm waves, Atlantis, and the Burj Al Arab.

The home is completely furnished, and its elegant exterior reflects the tranquilly that awaits inside. Those spaces really are stunning on the inside. The parquet flooring, white walls, and soft brown furnishings of the rooms beyond the impressive foyer are both classic and comfortable. Arched doorways and a spacious majlis add a touch of subtle grandeur to the already impressive architecture of the building, while charming windows provide charming views.

The nearby dining area is decorated like a beach shack, complete with a stylish table and modern lighting, and the adjacent cosy sitting room serves as a viewing gallery for the picturesque scenery. Having designated spaces for eating and relaxing together, like a separate family room and breakfast nook, helps to foster a truly chill atmosphere.

The chic stairwell is a reflection of this, as are the immaculate rooms with lighting reminiscent of straw lanterns. An incredibly unique bridge from a bedroom to the foyer exemplifies the concept of weightless living here. Exquisite vistas can be found in every direction.

The peacefulness of both indoors and out is muddied by the presence of four balconies. They look out onto an absolutely stunning outdoor area, a tranquil space that blends seamlessly with the beach it is adjacent to. Extremely tall trees chill out and enjoy the peace and quiet.

One more thing that would get my attention is a pool that was 90 degrees. It is encircled on all sides by either verdant vegetation or the gentle sands of a beach. A massage room, which looks out over the ocean, is adjacent to a sunken seating area with barbecue facilities. There is a separate space for the driver and there is plenty of space for the maids to live in.


ANDREAS MALMESTEDT CEO Dubai / Real Estate Broker


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