The Wealthiest Resort in La Costa del Sol

La Zagaleta, a Marbella neighbourhood situated at the base of the Serrana de Ronda, is exclusive for the wealthy. Its villas are spread throughout a 900-hectare estate surrounded by mountains and valleys, with views of the Mediterranean.

You must be a multi-millionaire to live in La Zagaleta. According to data given by the organisation encouraging urbanization, the price of a mansion ranges between 2.8 and 20 million dollars. Homes with a population of approximately 8 million are the most plentiful.

With this catalogue, one would question who lives at this exclusive ‘resort’ in Marbella. Well, there is a former British Conservative politician living there, to start off with. Then there are only a few who have made themselves known to the public with first and last names: Hans Snook, founder of Orange Telecom; programmer and writer David Heinemeier Hansson and Jürgen Bartels, former CEO of the Starwood Hotels chain.


The most exclusive urbanization in Europe

La Zagaleta was founded in 1991 and now spans over hundreds of hectares of the Mediterranean forest, with views of Gibraltar and the African beaches from its unbeatable homes. The owners of the more than 200 homes strewn around what was previously Adnan Khashoggi’s private hunting field are largely unknown. In 1989, the lands of the doomed Saudi tycoon were auctioned off and bought by a holding company of Spanish, Swiss, German and North American investors.

The guests of La Zagaleta share the same profile as top executives and accomplished professionals who are envious of their privacy. The majority come from the United Kingdom (30%), Germany (30%), and northern European countries (30 percent ). The remaining 10% is split between Spaniards, Arabs, and other nationalities. What happens in La Zagaleta, of course, remains in La Zagaleta. The epidemic has intensified a five-year-old phenomenon: the influx of young neighbors aged 35 to 40 who work in the technology, renewable energy, or energy industries. These businesspeople are seeking for homes with at least four bedrooms and a decent garage.

Enjoying a mixture of nationalities and ages is a great aspect when it comes to settling down in your new urbanization, meaning you have endless possibilities to socialize and for your children to create great circles of friends too. This is all part of the package, but there is so much more to why it is THE place to invest this 2021 and enjoy the exclusive lifestyle you deserve…

The different Sectors of La Zagaleta

The letters A, B, C, and J are used to identify the different sectors of Zagaleta. And streets like Manuel de Falla and Claudio Coello are named for Spanish painters and composers. Sector H is the best in terms of views and more expensive typical price levels. It’s at the top of La Zagaleta’s highest point, close to safety. The majority of the residences in this area face south west, allowing for breathtaking vistas. Africa and Gibraltar are clearly visible. Several houses are currently listed in this sector for 10 to 20 million dollars;. Of course, amazing homes can be found in every area, but the most of them would be gathered here.

Building a home in La Zagaleta

Currently, there are approximately ten new projects slated for sale that are being developed or are about to begin construction. So, if you’re looking for a new modern home, this is fantastic news. Of course, they’re all ultra-modern down to the last detail. The most modern mansions will be available this summer, with prices ranging from $ 5 million to $ 30 million, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now if you have wondered what the inside of a home in La Zagaleta can involve, then here goes: The glitz is spread over marble floors, mahogany furniture and works of art. Of course, the steps are taken with caution, lest a porcelain tiger cost someone the savings. The hall is the only part of the building that is the size of a townhouse. Gold railings, gyms, a six-car garage, a big gazebo from which to enjoy a private sunset, a games area, bars, a cinema, a guest apartment, a steam room, and fireplaces are just a few of the amenities available. Then find three sorrowful books sitting alone on a shelf. The high pool appears to be floating in mid-air, with a precipice behind it. And much much more…

Beautiful surrounding arreas

La Zagaleta’s fauna is yet another thrilling chapter! You may come across a herd of deer crossing the road or a herd of wild pigs while traveling in your automobile, so be extra cautious when cornering. It’s incredible; it makes you feel like you’re on safari.

These creatures are fed and cared for, and they are unmistakably Zagaleta’s property. All the villas are fenced to keep the animals out, but they are free to roam wherever they wish. They are used to people in general, however they prefer to stay away from them and do their own thing!

Between holm oaks and pines, the walk continues. Each residence has its own security fence and driveway. You may have a helicopter to take you to Cadiz for lunch if you desire; this service is available. You may plan the flowers you want to have at home, the temperature you want to relax in the jacuzzi at, and the champagne you want to toast with before you return from your business travels or holidays…

All the commodities

The clubhouse of La Zagaleta is home to two private golf courses, each with 18 holes. And because it is solely for members with a membership, buying a home in Zagaleta does not entitle you to utilize the clubhouse or golf course; you must become a member to do so.

You will have some fascinating golf pals one way or another, and the clubhouse is renowned as Zagaleta’s social club in general. It has a 5,000m2 total area, a fantastic restaurant with five-star service, and stunning views from the terrace… You can reserve it for special occasions, such as weddings, and it has a bar, lounges, bowling, and stores. Of course, this is only available to members. A second clubhouse is located in the north section of the property, although it is much smaller, more intimate, and not currently in use, but it has big plans for the future.

All owners are welcome to utilize the remainder of the amenities, which include an equestrian facility with 20 stables and a riding school for all levels. Horseback riding, hiking, and mountain bike routes abound.

Apartments are also available at La Zagaleta. Yes, an intriguing fact: there are only a handful of apartments, ranging in size from 50 to 150 square meters. Because they are so close to the clubhouse, they are rarely for sale and are usually utilized as staff quarters or some private lounge spaces.

There are even more great reasons why La Zagaleta is the place to be and invest in, other great commodities include a service of around 50 people to make your life simpler. Babysitting services, chefs, chauffeurs, housekeeping, and much more may be arranged. Ensuring you have all the services you could possibly require at your disposal and top-notch exclusivity. Even if you have a medical emergency (which I hope you don’t), Zagaleta partners with local hospitals less than 15 kilometers away, which may dispatch a helicopter to transport you to a private facility. Where can you locate a home with all these amenities plus the best climate in all of Europe?


A great location…

Because Zagaleta sits so high in the mountains, many people are unaware of how near it is to everything. It’s 400 meters above sea level. Your property’s location within Zagaleta is also significant, since it may be 1 minute from the south entrance or 15 minutes if you reside at the furthest point. That’s a significant difference.
However, from the south entrance, you are just 2 km from the nearest stores, 5 km from the city of San Pedro, 7 km from the marble beach promenades, 9 km from the famed Puerto Bans, and 12 km from the 5-star Puente Romano beach hotel, located in the center of the Golden Mile.
The nearest international school is Atalaya Bilingual College, which is 8.5 kilometers away, and Aloha College, which is 10 kilometers away, how much better can it get to be so well connected!

An overview of what to consider

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing a property in La Zagaleta:
The living environment: only 15 minutes from Marbella and Puerto Banus, you can immediately enjoy all of Marbella’s benefits while maintaining a more than pleasant sense of quiet in your everyday life.
Golf: Residents of La Zagaleta have access to a private golf course, allowing them to take full advantage of Marbella’s reputation as one of the world’s most magnificent golf locations.
Other amenities available to members include a clubhouse, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, tennis courts, and a horseback riding center. Everything is done to guarantee that each person finds satisfaction and may participate in the activities that are most important to him or her.
Easy access: Whether arriving by vehicle or flying into Malaga, the trip time to La Zagaleta is extremely short. It’s also worth noting that La Zagaleta inhabitants have access to a private heliport.
All in all, there is no detail left behind in creating the most luxurious resort on the coastline, fulfilling each and every one of your desirable commodities, must haves and endless exclusivity in all areas. Rest assured the opportunity to invest in such a location with such unique characteristics comes once in a lifetime…