The Best Pizza in Dubai: Spots to Look Out For

The Best Pizza in Dubai: Spots to Look Out For

Suppose there was one dish that could hold the moniker of truly international food. In that case, pizza is the one dish that is enjoyed in the icy terrain of northern Scandinavia to the remote wilderness of Chile. From north to south and east to west, pizza is the one dish that you can find anywhere, and so, in a magical place like Dubai, where excess, indulgence, and opulence meet, pizzas must be fabulous, right? Yes, pizzas in Dubai are a far cry from what you might get at your local eatery, and for the tourists who head for Dubai for the gastronomic delights it has to offer, here are some of the best pizzas that you can feast on while in Dubai. This is a ranking of the best pizzas in Dubai.

Let’s start with some of the best spots for pizza in Dubai.

The best pizza in Dubai: spots you can check out

These pizza spots boast some incredibly divine culinary creations. From authentic Italian or Neapolitan-style pizzas to gourmet renders of the humble pie, these places do pizza like nobody else. Let’s get on with the ranking.

Pitfire Pizza

Consistently rated as one of the best pizzerias in Dubai and with pizzas described as ‘dangerously addictive,’ the Pitfire should be your first spot for your pizza fix once you get to Dubai. The Pitfire Pizza is not quite Neapolitan, but not New York style. It’s something in between, but this arrangement hasn’t stopped it from being the best thing you’ll have while in Dubai.

Best Pizza in Dubai

 out of three micro-batches that require some 72 hours of prep beforehand, the pizzas sell out quickly, and to get your hands on one of these, you will need some strategic timing. The best cheeses, meats, and veggies come together to form a pizza that many camp out for, so once you have it, savor every last bite of it. 


Pizza with a taste that is out of the stratosphere. That’s not the tagline, but it might as well be. For Moonslice, chef and media personality Reif Othman crafted the menu, which includes some seriously upscaled renditions of the humble pizza. Try out the fancy ‘space’ pizzas, which boast some fantastic toppings and their famous ‘Naples’ base.

Best Pizza in Dubai

Their bestseller, however, is a pizza that gives Dubai an edge over all other pizzas regarding unique ingredients and some out-of-this-world toppings: how do shrimp, octopus carpaccio, BBQ aioli, and fontina sound? Very exotic, right? This is their ‘fruity di mare’ pizza, and it takes your regular pizza and dials it up several notches. Moonslice is for the gourmet people who appreciate a good slice without considering the cost. 

Motorino Pizzeria

You might have noticed that none of the chains are competing for the top spot, which is for good reason. They deal in consumer pizzas, with bland cheeses and meats that make for a good belly-stuffer. However, it’s the places like Motorino that give pizza in Dubai its signature swag. Forget crafty pizzas with unique toppings and crazy ingredients; Motorino does it straight up but focuses obsessively on the quality.

Best Pizza in Dubai

 The crust is almost legendary for being soft and doughy, but with just the right amount of crispiness that makes it really an occasion rather than a simple pizza. Their tomato sauce is not too sweet nor too tangy, but again, just the right taste, bursting with flavor. Lastly, the cheese is either ricotta or a special mozzarella, and that, too, is described as simply heavenly. So, all of this might make for a textbook pizza, but Motorino’s attention in their pies really dials the whole thing up to 11. 


One of the more chic pizza spots in Dubai, 800PIZZA does both quality and unique ingredients in a way that would make any Italian go ‘el belissimo!’. The star of the show and the one that is the most ordered is their classic calabrese, which is out of this world in both appearance and taste.

Best Pizza in Dubai

For starters, the base. The dough is chewy and soft and makes for an excellent base for the rest of the ingredients. The calabrese sausage, the cheese, and the sauce all combine to give an explosion of flavor; the savory taste of the meat, the sweet but salty cheese, and the slightly sweet sauce will set your tastebuds on fire, and while calabrese may be a familiar flavor, 800PIZZA has a calabrese pizza that knocks it out of the ballpark every time you take a bite.

The Artisan

As the name implies, The Artisan is known for some very impressive pizzas that defy the norm of pizza being yellow with red salami on top of it. No, The Artisan, much like its namesake, does pizza a little differently, which sets it apart from other pizzas within the Dubai skyline.

Best Pizza in Dubai

If you want to know the level of uniqueness that this fine establishment boasts, try octopus on a pizza. It’s gamey but bold and certainly too ostentatious. If octopus is not to your liking, check out their Tartufo Nero, which is like Dubai on a crust; it indulges, complete with a topping of fresh black truffles. The Artisan then boasts pizzas that taste as good as they look good sitting on a table.

Luna Rossa

The final but one of the best pizzas in Dubai is Luna Rossa’s Margherita, which the Italians swear by, and any pizza aficionado looking to test their taste buds will instantly fall in love with it. But first, let’s describe the setting itself. Created by Italian chef Antonio Monzo, the pizza parlor has its complete ritual for bringing out the pizza, and its social media handle is full of people praising not just the setting, the ambiance, and the pizzas but also the way Mr Monzo interacts with customers and the jovial environment he has in the place.

Best Pizza in Dubai

For what pizzas you need to try, if Margherita isn’t something you like and you want something more like the city of Dubai itself, check out their truffle pizza. With an abundance of ricotta cheese throughout the pizza and a drizzle of honey, the truffle pizza is definitely for the connoisseurs and Luna Rossa, a pizza place that, if you don’t check out while in Dubai, you will have missed out on a lot. 

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