Dubai’s Best Jazz and Live Music Bars: Rhythms and Refreshments

Dubai’s Best Jazz and Live Music Bars: Rhythms and Refreshments

There’s no music like Jazz when it comes to making the environment feel alive and the crowd exuberant. Everything from the blues to saxophone absolutely liven up the environment, which helps explain why some of the best live music bars playing nothing but hot jazz are located in Dubai, the playground for the rich and the party place for the world’s craziest partygoers. So, to help you navigate the metropolitan area better the next time you are in Dubai and on the lookout for the hottest live music bars in Dubai, here is a ranking of the best bars in Dubai that offer the best Jazz music experience.

You might ask yourself: why jazz? Why not electronic dance music? Why not rock, pop, or hip-hop? The answer is simple: jazz is universally consumed as great music, whereas EDM, rock, and hip-hop might not be to everybody’s liking. That’s not to say, however, that Dubai is short on those locales either, but jazz is the one thing that Dubai really rocks with, so let’s go through the best bars in Dubai for live music and jazz.

The best bars in Dubai for live music and jazz

These spots are for the who’s who to come in for a spot of jazz, some light drinking, soaking up the atmosphere, and just having the time of their lives. These are the best live music bars in Dubai.

Blind Tiger

The rule of thumb is that new is always better. It attracts better talent, the crowd is livelier, and the entertainment is always top-notch. Such is the case with Blind Tiger, one of Dubai’s newest and hottest spots and the go-to place for people looking for a smooth jazz session.

Located in Jumeirah Al Naseem, it has an ambiance described as being ‘chic, intimate and just boasting an atmosphere like the olden times.’ Throughout the week, many talented players fill out the club, and for the live music enthusiasts in the crowd, Fridays and Saturdays are reserved exclusively for live music. Blind Tiger is a definite check-out when in Dubai.

Bahri Bar

Want to mix your music with some drinks and some views? For that, the Bahri Bar is the ultimate destination. Classified as a terrace bar, the locale boasts some incredible views from the outdoor lounge, and it’s everything one might want for the music arrangement.

Live music, EDM or disco (with some of the best DJs), and with jazz back-to-back on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the place is never empty, and with the music blaring and the happy hour prices keeping you happy, you will never want to leave the Bahri Bar. It is simply incredible. 

Blue Bar

It’s in the name, so you can’t go wrong with it. The Blue Bar, located in the Novotel World Trade Centre at the Sheikh Zayed Road, is an aptly named place for true jazz lovers. Starting off with the live music, the Blue Bar has consistently been rated as one of the best places to check out for jazz melodies played by local talents.

The décor is nice, too, boasting blue lights and a smoky ambiance to really drive home the blue motif, and the drinks are incredible, too. Especially renowned are the margaritas and some craft beers that you can enjoy while listening to the swoony music. The Blue Bar promises you a time well spent, whether alone or with company, and we can’t agree more. It is a blues bonanza in there. 

Jass Lounge

It might have a creative and cheery play on the name, but Jass Lounge is not for the average jazz enthusiast. No DJs, no other music of any type. Just jazz, as per the name. It is more of a lounge, complete with haute couture seating and a den full of drinks that make the stay absolutely worthwhile.

Stick around for daily live performances of jazz classics and new music, and at the same time, soak in the environment with a drink in your hand. The Jass Lounge serves up the music in true Harlem or New Orleans style, and for jazz experts and lovers, Jass Lounge is a must-visit.

Q’s Bar and Lounge

Another one of the spots only for jazz aficionados, Q’s Bar and Lounge is a jazz lounge and a bar all wrapped together in an incredible package. Everything from comfort food to some amazing and nifty cocktails is available, but the main attraction is the music, specifically the jazz tunes from their local star, Oumina.

Oumina is a Dutch-born singer with a penchant for the best of blues and jazz, and listening to her perform is an experience that every avid jazz fan should have. Couple that with blue lights all over the place, hot music from a beefy sound system, and gourmet dishes and cocktails, and you are in for an amazing time. 


Jazz, and jazz alone. No other music, no other distractions. Not even drinks. Sola is a jazz lounge in the truest sense of the word, in that you don’t even get any other type of music at all. You have live music, which is also restricted to jazz and its sub-genres. The greatest part about Sola is that there is no local talent or DJ busting out tunes; it’s live music, and only the best jazz players perform at Sola, making it a jazz hotspot for the ages.

Starting Thursday, Sola has a blues and jazz night, all live, of course, and with Friday playing soul R&B and Saturday being rounded off with jazz-pop, we’d say it would be one hell of a midweek for a hardcore jazz fan just looking for their fix of the groovy, hot music.

Bar 44

The final entry on this list has an atmosphere of its own, and it combines all the great aspects of a city like Dubai and transposes it against a piece of incredible music like jazz for a combination that will leave you wanting more. The words used to describe the bar are ‘chic, trendy, and up class’.

Located on the 44th floor of the Grosvenor, Bar 44 boasts spectacular views of the marina and panoramic views of the entire city. If sightseeing isn’t what you came for, try focusing on the live jazz and blues music. Cigars, mini-martinis, and drinks: Bar 44 will treat you to the high life, and you better had savor every moment of it.

The bottom line

Dubai has something for everyone, and since jazz and blues fandoms are very big and well-spread globally, Dubai has some incredible locations in store for jazz aficionados. All of these live music bars on the list, plus many other undiscovered spots that might just win some big award, are waiting to be visited, waiting to treat you to a time of your life filled with good music, good food, good drinks, best places and best hotels. It is truly a place to lose yourself and enjoy each and every moment of your time.

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