Best Beaches in Dubai to Surf and Wim in the Sun

Best Beaches in Dubai to Surf and Wim in the Sun

Beaches aren’t really the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Dubai. Dubai is all about luxury, extravaganza, and excess in an unbelievable package. The best beaches are the Bahamas, Florida, or the Caribbean. But here’s the shocker: Dubai is home to some great beaches, and when you want the perfect mix of sun, sand, and luxury, the best beaches in Dubai are more than enough to cater to your needs and whether it’s a tan or just a good time, you will get it all. 

While other places may boast natural coastline beauty and water that looks pristine and untouched, Dubai is also home to some amazing man-made beaches as well, which could fool anybody, tricking them into believing that the beach didn’t exist just forty or fifty years back. But now it’s time we take a look at some of the best beaches in Dubai and rank them based on their comparative merits and most importantly, how much fun they are. Let’s get right into it. 

The best beaches in Dubai, ranked

With both man-made and natural beaches brimming with sunlight and an aura of relaxation, there’s no destination for leisure like the best beaches of Dubai, and today, we’ll be ranking them for you.

1) Kite Beach

It’s family-friendly, it’s beautiful, and it’s the perfect place to get an amazing summertime tan on. Kite Beach is one of the highest-rated beaches in Dubai, and one look at its coastline will explain why. Soft white sand meets the azure blue water, while the sky is dotted with colorful kites. This scene alone has millions of fans who’ve visited the beach and found it absolutely irresistible. What’s more, if you want to work out, a fitness area spans a portion of the beach for you to work on your body, or if you just want to relax in the sun with a book, there is also a beach library that has a good collection of really good reads. Finally, a walking plank that sits perfectly with the surrounding rounds off Kite Beach as the truly best beach in Dubai. 

2) Al Mamzar Beach Park

Voted and consistently rated as Dubai’s best-equipped beach, the Al Mamzar Beach Park is among the top destinations for families visiting Dubai and wanting a feel of the hot summer sand. Al Mamzar has it all: beach volleyball, barbecue pits, and other sports activities, but what really takes the cake are the water sports available with the nominal entrance fee that gives you access to all of the amenities. Lifeguards stay on duty throughout the day, and if you want a little privacy on this beautiful beach, there are beach cabins that can be rented. Rounding it all off, Al Mamzar also has Ladies’ Days, which are Mondays and Wednesdays reserved for women and children under 4. 

3) White Beach

One of the man-made beaches that boast opulent views, White Beach is a private enclosure with rich, soft sand that just feels right. Located on the outer rim of the Palm Jumeirah, White Beach is a perfect place if you have company and want to be simply blown away by the view. You have every luxury imaginable available here: infinity pools, sun loungers, and an excellent service that will cater to your every need so you may enjoy much-needed relaxation. One of the best-rated restaurants is also a snap away, so you can enjoy some of the best food while admiring the views of Dubai Marina from your beach. All in all, White Beach is an absolute experience to behold and a must-go-to for newlyweds and couples looking for some exciting views while in Dubai. 

4) Marina Beach

Marina Beach is another excellent option for tourists to check out and experience how Dubai absolutely nails beaches and the coastline life. Also known as the JBR Beach, it is arguably the most famous beach in Dubai for swimming, beachside games, and sunbathing. That is because out of all beaches on this list, the Marina or JBR is the liveliest and most crowded one if you are into that sort of thing. It is certainly not overcrowded, but that noise and the ambiance of the beach, especially as the sun sets down, can make the extroverts in a group go wild with excitement, but at the same time, it might be off-putting for some. Either way, the views of the beach are further accentuated by the presence of the Blue Waters Island nearby, and some great eateries and restaurants will provide you with a fix of some excellent food.

5) Sunset Beach

Who doesn’t love the absolutely mesmerizing view of the sunset, transfixed with an image of white sand and lovely blue water? It is truly a hypnotic sight and one that you will get at the aptly named Sunset Beach. The beach is also a place to a fantastic library, so you can spend your days lounging in the sun and taking in some excellent books. Or, if you are the more athletic type and want to keep in shape during your vacation, hit the paved running track or the fitness area and really enjoy the workout with some great, breathtaking views. The nearby architecture and the relative lack of crowds on Sunset Beach make it a perfect destination for people wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and come home to a quiet, picturesque evening. 

6) Palm West Beach

The Palm West Beach is reminiscent of the Miami beaches. However, the views here have more grandeur than the South of Florida might have to offer. For starters, the ambiance and the crowd here are simply unbelievable. The beachside restaurants, entertainment spots, and watersports will give you something to enjoy throughout the day, and with some of the city’s best skyline views visible from this beach, the Palm West is simply too gorgeous to be left out as one of the best beaches in Dubai. Unlike some other beaches in Dubai, you can actually hang out for an entire day here, so if you are in Dubai and want an excellent place for some lazy lounging, Palm West Beach is the place to be. 

7) La Mer Beach

For our final entry on the list, we have an absolute gem here: La Mer Beach. Despite being a man-made beach, the possibilities for fun are endless here since the beach is designed to have a complete leisure complex within its confines. Let us reel off the impressive amenities and attractions it has: a watersports park, a fully equipped playground for kids, shopping malls, and a cinema. If you are on the sand and don’t want to hit any of these places and just want a relaxing meal by the sun and the sea, the La Mer has you covered there as well. Everything from your trusty fast food to incredibly rich gourmet dishes are available at the beachfront restaurants, so you really are at a place where every whim and wish of yours is catered to.

The takeaway

Dubai is rightfully described as the playground for the rich, and the beaches are apt descriptions of that. The most luxurious options and the most opulent beaches come together with some of the most picturesque sights to make Dubai the place to visit if you are looking for incredible beach visits of a lifetime. Dubai is truly a place to behold, and the beaches are the places where the city comes alive and feels like heaven on earth. 

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